If you have talent and would like to be a part of this event we would love to have you on stage!  You just need to apply below.  We are taking acts of all sizes, focusing on ages teen and up.  Any talent is welcome!

Thank you to everyone who submitted an audition video.  You were all fantastic!

Congratulations to our BE in the Show Performers!

WWU Hip Hop Team, TDS Teachers, SQHS Cheer, SQHS Hip Hop, Jessika Houston, Tim Kraft, Adaryn Healy, Heroes, Brady Secules, Wren and Della, Tee King, Klint, Izzy Rae Jones, Natasha and Kennedy, All Aboard, Adult Tappers, The Dance Studio dancers, Clay Christofferson and Reed Smith

Make sure to invite your cheering section because there is a cash prize for the “Audience’ Favorite”

Dress Rehearsal

Dress rehearsal will be from 2:00PM-4:30PM on Saturday, January 27th at the Mount Baker Theater.  When you arrive for dress rehearsal, find your dressing room, get your items situated backstage and then find a seat in the mezzanine and we will do a quick introduction at 2PM before having you all return backstage.  

Show Time

Performers should be backstage at the Mount Baker Theater by 6PM on January 27th.  

Performing Time

Time allotment for performers:

Dancers Singers Cheer w/ Stunting Musicians Other – actors/improv/pets/etc.
1-10 members-max 2 min. 1-10 members-max 3 min. Max 4 min. 1-3 members-max 4 min. 3-5 min. depending on act
11-20 members-max 3 min. 11-20 members-max 4 min. 3-10 members-max 5 min.
20+ members-max 5 min. 10+ members-max 6 min.

Please be aware of the time allotments for each performance.  We want to keep a seamless show that is entertaining for our audience, so please be respectful to all the acts participating by following the guidelines.

   Last year was DYNAMITE and we are excited for another FUN filled production!